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Bamboo Waterlock

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Bamboo has been used for centuries in Korea because of its amazing moisturizing benefits. This mask replenishes moisture for parched skin. Wind down with our Bamboo Waterlock Mask to treat your skin to a cooling nighttime refresher.

A deeply hydrating mask for the skin, BAMBOO WATERLOCK provides an instant plumping effect, giving a feeling of freshness upon application. This unique aqua-gel mask leaves skin feeling soothed and signs of fatigue are visibly reduced. 

The bamboo sap and fibers in the waterlock complex contain minerals and amino acids to help hydrate the skin, while the fiber contains proteins and lipids to help maintain skin's natural moisture retention. Disospyros kaki, also included in the formula, is known for its astringent and illuminating properties, helping to keep skin supple and toned with its pore tightening effect. 

Bamboo sap Moisturises the skin thanks to its minerals and amino acids
Bamboo fiber Helps retain water due to its protein and fat
Ophiopogon japonicus Soothes and protects the skin by strengthening its defenses
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Bamboo Waterlock   Bamboo Waterlock
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Intense Hydration Face Mask

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Bamboo Waterlock
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