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BB, CC, GLOW... Mix & Match your favorites

Hello Perfect Skin!

What if we tell you that every woman can have perfect skin?

At Erborian, we inspire ourselves from Korean beauty rituals to develop hybrid products, at the crossroad between skincare and make-up.
CC Crème, BB Crème, Pink Perfect Crème, Glow Crème: our iconic products provide instant results in a simple gesture, to offer you perfect skin, simply and differently!

CC CREME, skin perfector

CC Crème is THE "High Definition" illuminator that will follow you everywhere. 

Discover its high-tech, multi-use formula that helps boost radiance, protect and hydrate your skin, whilst also helping to unify and correct your complexion

The transforming texture is unique: as you blend our CC Crème into your skin, watch as the white base transforms and matches to your skin's natural complexion. Your complexion is even and luminous for a "High Definition Effect"!

Your CC Cream is available in several shades : Clair and Doré.

On top of that?  Enriched with SPF 25, your CC Crème will protect your skin from UVs.

Fall in love with a luminous complexion thanks to our color-matching, High Definition Radiance CC Crème. 

Discover CC Creme
CC CREME, skin perfector

BB CREME, for a real baby skin effect

BB Crème is The true secret of  Korean skin perfection! 

A 5-in-1 concentrate, this hybrid product, at the crossroad between skincare and make-up, hydrates, mattifies, covers blemishes and evens out complexion thanks to a velvety and non-oily finish on your skin. 

In one simple step, your compexion looks like a real baby skin, 100% falwless! 

The BB Crème is available in several shades to perfectly match to your skintone. 

On top of that? Enriched with SPF 20, your BB Crème will protect your skin from UVs. 

With its lightweight texture, moisturizing and soothing properties, it'll be hard for you not to fall in love with our BB Creme.

BB CREME, for a real baby skin effect

Glow Crème, illuminating face cream

Discover Glow Crème: your new beauty ally, for a glowy effect 2.0: radiant and natural.

Glow Crème is a complexion-enhancer hybrid product which dresses your skin up with a subtle pearlescent finish. 

For luminous skin with an ultra-natural shimmering effect thanks to the pearls of light.

How to reach the top of the Glow Attitude? 

Glow Crème should be the last step of your beauty routine: wether you use it alone, as your usual illuminating day cream, for rushed mornings or no-makeup days. Mixed to your CC, BB Crème or favorite foundation, it will offer  a subtle glow for an all natural radiant look.  You can also use it for touches of light on the cheekbones, above the brow bone and even on cupid's bow.

Natural glow effect guaranteed!

On top of it? Fit for every kind of skin, Glow Crème is going to be your best and perfect ally for a fresh complexion. 

Get your glimmer on with our Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream.

Glow Crème, illuminating face cream

Pink Perfect Crème, a blurring makeup base

Hello, pretty skin texture! 

Pink Perfect Crème prepares your skin for make-up, acting as a primer.

As the perfect creamy balm, it smoothes skin, refines skin’s texture and gives a slight rosy radiant finish.  

Perfect to use alone, as a day cream for your no-make-up days, for smooth skin enhanced with a light pearl finish ; or as a make-up base to help blur pores

Good news, like all our hybrid products, it also has skincare benefits: hydration! Pamper, prime, perfect. 

On top of it? It fits all kind of skins, even mixt to oily skins! 

Pink Perfect Crème, a blurring makeup base
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