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BB Crème au Ginseng Doré

Reference : 6AA30095
True secret of the Korean skin perfection: BB CRÈME AU GINSENG transforms your skin with velvety, ultra-soft, spotless finish.
BB CRÈME AU GINSENG Doré 5-in-1, for medium to deeper skin tones, contains a highly concentrated association of longevity herbs, used in Asia since ages.

Our break-through high-tech formulation:
1. unifies your skin tone to conceal all imperfections
2. moisturizes and nourishes
3. offers a wonderful “baby skin effect” and velvety touch.

Imperfections wiped-out, perfect skin finish, BB CRÈME AU GINSENG leaves your skin wonderfully soft, silky, replenished and velvety, just like “baby skin”.
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BB Crème au Ginseng Doré   BB Crème au Ginseng Doré
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5-in-1 Total Sheer Make-up-Care Cream Baby Skin Effect

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BB Crème au Ginseng Doré
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