CC Chocolate Shade Development

CC Chocolate Shade Development

Wondering why the CC Cream is not available in a darker shade yet, when it is available for BB and CC Water?

Unfortunately, after 3 years in development and several dozen formula tests, we still haven't been able to obtain a result that matches our standards, and we are determined to offer all skin tones the same finish and level of skincare that CC Cream provides: even skin with natural coverage and a luminous finish for a healthy-glow effect + sun protection.

The magic of our CC Crème lies in the encapsulated pigments within the formula: they are undetectable out of the tube (due to their white shell) but break to match skin at application and reveal color.  The encapsulated pigments allow for a more flexible shade range, which is why one shade can match a large range of complexions regardless of skin undertones.

To make CC Crème available in a darker shade it is necessary to significantly increase the concentration of encapsulated pigments in the cream base which makes it more difficult to blend. When adding SPF sun filter, it can give a greyish finish on skin. This is why, currently the chocolate formulas we have tested are not up to the standards of satisfaction for us or for you, our customers. We know it takes time and are excited and optimistic to share more news with you on this in the near future. We have so much more in store for our customers and can’t wait to share with you.

The Erborian Team