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Your skin,
Your CC Cream

I just want my skin to look better, without looking like I'm wearing makeup.

Does that sound like the kind of thing you would say?
Then our CC Crème is perfect for you!

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With its encapsulated pigments
and transforming texture,
our CC Crème adjusts to your skin tone,
evening out your complexion and correcting the appearance
of minor imperfections.

The result?
A more beautiful, even complexion
with a 100% natural-looking,
luminous finish.

Enriched with powerful ingredients, our CC Crème is a complexion- perfecting formula that combines skincare and makeup in
one tube.


Our Fan Favorite
CC Crème

If you don't have any specific skin concerns but
want your skin to look more even and luminous:
Look no further than our CC Crème!

Your skin, only better.
Find your perfect match.
3 shades available:


for expert skincare:
cc RED correct

If you're looking for an expert formula for your
redness-prone skin,

Made with green color-correcting pigments,
it gives your skin a natural-looking finish while soothing and visibly correcting redness.


for expert skincare:
cc dull correct

If you want an expert formula for dull and
tired-looking skin,
you'll love CC DULL CORRECT.

Violet pigments for yellow/olive undertone
correction help revive the look of your complexion with an instant healthy glow effect.


which skin tone looks most like yours? Click on the face to

find your cc cream

If your skin tone is slightly golden: our classic CC Crème, in the « Doré/Golden » shade is for you. Have a few red patches? Combine your classic shade with the CC Red Correct dabbing it into problem areas.
the iconic
CC Crème
"Doré" shade
CC Red

Just like all our hybrid products,
our CC Crème is enriched with

powerful korean

to care for
your skin
every day.

Centella asiatica, a plant known
in Korea for its
and soothing properties.
Licorice, for its antioxidant benefits.

Beautiful skin now with
simple formulas that deliver instant results.
Better skin tomorrow thanks to effective products infused with complexion-enriching Korean


It blends perfectly with my skin and leaves such a nice natural glow!

@Vanessa M

You HAVE to try this amazing product! Your skin will look flawless and glow like you’ve never seen!

@Dianne P

The coverage and finish are absolutely beautiful, it last well, and gives my skin a healthy even appearance!

@Ellina P

A little goes a long way and it’s super quick to put it on and run out the door! It makes my skin feel so smooth and it looks so natural!

@Brooke B

Love this product! It matches my skin perfectly and leaves it looking glowy but not oily!

@Amanda B

This is by far the most amazing self-adjusting, light coverage foundation I’ve ever tried!

@Marc M
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