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CC Cream

More than just a color corrector, CC Cream's transforming texture color adapts to the skin for an every time match, while evening out the complexion and correcting the appearance of minor imperfections. 

Enriched with powerful ingredients and SPF 25, CC Cream combines skincare and makeup for instant beauty results and beautiful skin today, better skin tomorrow.

Classics Reimagined: CC Water

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CC Water

Introducing the newest addition to the CC family: CC Water.

Your favorite CC Cream, crafted in an all-new water based formula for those who take to a lighter-than-air feeling color corrector.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, CC Water will keep skin feeling hydrated and refreshed and your complexion will look dewy and plump.

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CC Cream

Our classic CC Cream is here for those who loves a cream texture with a luminous, light buildable finish. 

Smooth, color match, and illuminate your skin while covering imperfections so you can step out with complexion confidence every time.

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Is CC Water for you?

Looking for an ultra-light sheer finish with a touch of glow?

Then CC Water is for you! CC Water matches to your skin while covering up imperfections. The aqua gel texture hydrates your complexion so you can get that filter-like natural dewy finish.

A little goes a long way-- with its unique texture, CC Water may appear slightly darker than CC Creams so only a very small amount of product is needed with each use. 

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