How do you get rid of maskne? How do you get rid of maskne?

How do you get rid of maskne?

What is maskne?

While covering up our mouth and nose in public spaces is becoming the new normal worldwide, have you noticed your skin is suddenly breaking out? Don’t worry, you're not the only one.

The development of blemishes or pimples, from the chin to the cheeks, after wearing facial masks, also known as "maskne", is becoming a common skin issue for many of us. Maskne happens for different reasons. First of all, face coverings trap humidity and heat from breathing and excessive sweating, which creates enabling conditions for bacteria to develop. Moreover, face masks can also rub against the skin, causing local irritations. The increased stress triggered by the pandemic can also worsen the symptoms.

How do you prevent maskne?

The most important way to prevent maskne is to avoiding skin congestion that leads to inflammation. That is why, even though facial cleansing is already part of your beauty routine, you need to take extra care after wearing a face-mask.

To prevent maskne, it is essential to purify the skin at the end of the day and make sure your pores do not become clogged. A gentle and efficient daily detox routine is the double cleansing. Start with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a water-based cleanser. This cleansing routine is highly recommended if you wear makeup under your mask.

A layer of day cream can also be a great help to reduce maskne. Not only does moisturizing keep your skin healthy, but it may also reduce sensation of irritation due to friction.

How do you get rid of maskne?

Pimples and blemishes already showing up on your face?

First of all, stick to your daily cleansing to purify your skin. In order to remove the extra layer of dead skin cells plugging up the pores, include an extra step in your beauty routine with a regular exfoliation! Make sure to choose a gentle exfoliator that won’t dry your face out and irritate your skin. It could worsen maskne. Exfoliating your skin can also help your skincare products, such as your moisturizer, to better penetrate and restore your skin's barrier and natural balance. All of this will improve skin texture and get rid of maskne.

Plus, treat yourself and your skin to a weekly face mask to plump and refine your complexion.

Bonus Tips

  • Don’t forget that wearing a clean mask is necessary both to better protect against the virus and to help keep your skin away from bacteria.
  • Take time for yourself and unwind. Avoiding stress is also an efficient way to fight maskne!
  • Do not hesitate to see a dermatologist. A doctor's guidance can sometimes be needed to properly cure your face-mask acne. They will be able to recommend treatment specific to your condition.