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Erborian has developed its own line of lotions that help prep the skin and address specific skin care needs. Beautiful skin is just a few drops away with our “high-tech” formulas which maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, helping to retain this new surge of hydration. 

Give your skin a drink after cleansing!  The application technique for all of our lotions is simple:  Pat the lotion into the skin, then apply your  moisturizer. Listen to your the skin and meet its specific needs by choosing one of our multi-benefit lotions.

Bamboo Matte Lotion

A true velvety lotion for normal to oily skin. The mattifying powder, combined with an aqueous phase enriched with extracts of Bamboo – known to be a natural moisturizer – helps to reduce excess sebum and tighten pores. Skin looks perfectly mattified, with a velvety feel.

Yuza Double Lotion

A bi-phase lotion for dual performance. Enriched with yuzu, known for its antioxidant properties, YUZA MILKY LOTION combines the benefits of two phases that work together : an aqueous phase that contains an ingredient which helps to reveal skin's radiance, and an oily phase that helps to nourish. This bi-phase formula helps to smooth the skin and reveal the radiance of even dull and tired complexions: the skin looks supple and full of vitality.

Eau Ginseng

Discover an "energizing" step from Korea: enriched with Ginseng, known for its smoothing and moisturizing properties, EAU GINSENG helps to give a glow to your complexion. Immediately, it helps to hydrate the skin and give a feeling of comfort. Your skin looks radiant. It is noticeably smoother and softer.

Ginseng Milk

Inspired by Korean women's essential duo of lotions, GINSENG MILK is the first milky step in our youthful skin ritual. Enriched with ginseng, known for its smoothing and moisturizing properties, GINSENG MILK helps to provide a tightening effect and improve skin's texture, day after day. Result: skin feels comfortable and looks smoother, softer.

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