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At Erborian, we aim to change the approach to beauty by creating easy to use, benefit-oriented products that promise to always put you and your skin first. Skincare-centric with a beauty bonus, we know the key to complexion confidence comes from both instant results AND long-term care. Our hybrid products - between makeup and traditional skincare- draw their effectiveness from the power of our super ingredients from Korea. We inspire ourselves from plants, herbs and fruits that have been used for centuries in the Korean Pharmacopoeia by women to take care of their skin. 

Our goal?

Making everyday a good skin day 



Drawing on the rich traditions hailing from Korean beauty expertise, our products are formulated with specialty herbs and unique ingredients of the region, such as Bamboo, Charcoal, Ginseng or Centella Asiatica.

These herbs have been used for centuries by Korean women for their immediate and long-term skin benefiting properties.

In our quest to offer your skin the very best, we have found the perfect balance between tradition and technology. At Erborian, innovation lies at the heart of every single product and texture. Thanks to our exclusive formulas developed in our Laboratories in Seoul, South Korea, we create products with ultra-fine, smooth textures, exquisite scents, revealing all the power and effectiveness of traditional ingredients. 

All our ingredients are chosen with care for 3 main reasons: 

- they deliver immediate AND long-term results for skin beauty

- they are tested and safe for your skin according to one of the strictest set of regulations in the world, the European safety norms for cosmetic products.

- they allow us to create easy-to-use, sensorial products that fit seamlessly in your routine. 



Erborian is a Korean brand but we chose not to sell our products in China. 

When it comes to testing on animals, Erborian never has tested its products, its ingredients or its raw material on animals.
It’s a core value that we ensure is respected at each step of our produc development. We also make sure that none of our suppliers test on animals either. 


E is for Effortless!

Make the most of your time and get the best from your routine. Savvy hybrid formulas like our iconic color-correcting and complexion smoothing CC Crème, double cleansing and makeup-removing Solid Cleansing Oil and every other from our skincare and finishers collections ensure your routine is quick and simple but built to visibly yield results. 

Our hybrid products sit between skincare and makeup, such as our now iconic BB and CC creams. 

Ditch your foundation and perfect your day-to-night look with our famous BB Crème.  

As the first brand to launch a BB cream in Europe in 2009, we created a product that took the best of the beloved Korean makeup staple and made it a multipurpose skincare essential.

Like a tinted moisturizer with a twist, our BB Crème provides buildable color coverage in a breathable, powdery-pigmented formula to leave your skin looking smooth and feeling velvety soft.

Available in three shades.

All for one and good skin for all; this is our simplistic approach to developing and creating unique and innovative color products, in particular our fan-favorite color adapting CC Crème.

We’re here to help you embrace your natural beauty—not hide it—and our CC Crème brings the perfect formula to do just that with a “your skin but even better” effect.

In fact, you’ve already chosen CC as your Erborian staple and makeup bag favorite; one CC Crème sells every minute worldwide!

Just three shades blend to match a vastly spanning range of skin tones, all while delivering immediate smoothing and color correcting results.

Your results? Visible long-term complexion improvements like evening and soothing yield from the help of a key traditional Korean ingredient—Centella Asiatica—and of course, sun-protection benefits from SPF25!


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