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6 finishers, all meant for different skin care solutions. Here to help create a flawlessly luminous canvas. Find your complexion confidence! Start with 3 standout primers for Makeup with staying power: Glow Creme, Extra Matte or Pink Perfect. Layer on with our bestselling CC Creme and its incredible color-matching technology for a radiant, evened-out complexion. Or choose one of our BB Creams, to conceal your imperfections and get an ultra-soft finish. And get this perfect-looking complexion on the go thanks to our Touch Pens!
How to identify your perfect match of CC Crème?
How to identify your perfect match of CC Crème?

Do we still need to present our iconic CC Cream?Our high-tech, low-maintenance SPF 25 CC Cream's initial white pigments transform to match your skin tone for a radiant complexion ...
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