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Radiant Duo - Anti-Dull

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Your Yuza Sorbet + CC Cream 15ml for the price of the Yuza Sorbet only!

Yuza Sorbet Day Cream
: Yuza Sorbet acts like a second skin, to help protect from environmental stressors. The lightweight moisturizer contains microbeads with anti-oxidant properties to help fight the first signs of aging associated with harsh environmental factors. Skin looks more radiant with an enhanced glow, while feeling stronger.

CC Dull Correct: CC Dull Correct formula is a blend of violet pigments that immediately work to counterbalance dull skin. Micro pearls reflect the light, and revive the complexion. Instantly illuminate your complexion for a natural glow, all year round!

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Radiant Duo - Anti-Dull   Radiant Duo - Anti-Dull
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Your CC Cream free when you buy a Yuza Sorbet!

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Radiant Duo - Anti-Dull
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