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Red Pepper Pulp

Reference : 6AA10311
Discover Red Pepper – our original Korean super-ingredient, known for its exceptional energizing properties – in a gel-cream designed to boost your skin's glow. Erborian has developed its red pepper extract from the pulp of the pepper, making it gentle on the skin and a powerful skin booster. Like an "energizing recharge", Red Pepper Pulp helps to boost skin’s natural glow and combats tired, dull complexion. The cooling gel-cream texture melts on the skin and immediately helps to plump it with moisture. 

From the first week, skin feels reenergized and looks fresh and radiant again. After four weeks, skin feels more supple and softer. It reveals a youthful, glowing-looking skin.

You may also like Red Pepper Paste Mask our concentrated mask to transform your skin’s glow instantly.
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Red Pepper Pulp   Red Pepper Pulp
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Moisturizer for radiant-looking skin

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Red Pepper Pulp
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