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Pâte au Ginseng

Black Concentrated Mask

Included in our Ginseng Gift, this syrup-like black mask helps skin to appear smoother and feel more elastic. The distinctive "tensor" effect gives skin the sensation of being plumped and firmed while Erborian’s unique complex containing six-year old red panax ginseng works to fight visible signs of aging—providing comfort and vitality for tired complexions. Skin appears more luminous and plumped, and feels firmer for a youthful-looking complexion.

Ginseng root has been used for centuries to help fight visible signs of aging. Pulling its strength and power from the earth, red ginseng takes six years to reach maturity before it can be picked. During the growth process, the ginseng root pulls many nutrients from the soil—it is so rich in nutrients that after the ginseng is harvested, it takes nearly 15 years for the soil to be suitable again for cultivation. Red ginseng is ideal for skin care formulation as it is extremely rich in moisturizing and smoothing properties. 

Research results:
In an independent consumer use test on 32 participants:
- 97% felt skin appeared smoother
- 90% felt the product helped fight visible signs of aging
- 88% felt complexion was more radiant
- 90% reported skin felt smoother

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