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Travel Size Makeup & Skincare

Take the best of K-Beauty wherever you go!
We are here to make your travels easier and your skin happier with your everyday staples now available in travel-friendly size! 
Whether you have a trip coming up or you just want to test without the commitment of the whole bottle, look no further, we've got your face covered! 


We know that there are times where you’ll always be on-the-go. Whether you’re out running errands or traveling, we’ve got you covered with all your favorite make-up and skincare products in travel size! Small enough to fit in your beauty bag, bring your go-to Erborian favorites so you can have them whenever, and wherever you go!

From your CC Cream to your BB Cream, or your soothing Yuza moisturizer to your nourishing toner, never spend a day without your beauty must-haves.

For a full make-up routine on-the-go, we’ve got all your favorite primers and our best-selling BB Crayon so you can touch-up anytime and anywhere.

No need to worry about choosing between your favorite products, just fill up your beauty bag with all your go-to skincare and makeup products and cover your bases all day long!


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