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What is the difference between BB Cream & CC Cream?

Whether you're wanting a "no-makeup" natural or an all-out glam look, the best products for a perfectly even and smoothed complexion are BB creams and CC creams. Part skincare, part makeup, they correct the appearance of blemishes and surface imperfections so your skin looks perfectly ready for whatever look you're feeling! But which one should you choose?

And something else...sometimes, you don't even have to! Did you know you can combine them both when needed? 

We're breaking down all you need to know about these tinted creams and just why they're about to become your new beauty essentials!


This hi-tech, multi-purpose formula works to correct blemishes, even out skin tone and leave an ultra-natural, luminous finish!  

Our CC Cream illuminates any complexion while moisturizing at the same time. This innovative hybrid product combines skincare with makeup and reveals a unique, transforming texture… On contact with the skin, the CC pigments change color and adjust to your skin tone.  

If you have special skin needs, we have expert products:  

- CC Red Correct is ideal for fair skin tones that are prone to redness.  

- CC Dull Correct is perfect for your dull and tired-looking complexion. 

The CC Cream also boasts another benefit: SPF 25 UV protection. 

Tip: If you're looking for a luminous finish, the CC Cream is the product for you!  If you want an even more perfect finish, you can mix it with a little BB Cream, which provides greater coverage.  



How and when to use your CC Cream?

CC cream has a soft texture, which is very easy to apply with your fingertips. Wash your hands first then simply dab your CC Cream onto your forehead, cheekbones and bridge of your nose. Blend over the face to even out your complexion. It instantly corrects the appearance of minor imperfections and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Blending is essential to obtain an ultra-natural finish. 

As a skincare-centric makeup, CC Cream is an everyday staple: the more you use it, the more benefits for your skin you get. 



The BB Cream is the ultimate skin-perfecting formula. It works to even out skin tone, conceal blemishes and provide buildable, yet breathable coverage. 

This beauty essential is a clever combination of skincare and makeup: it melts on the skin, moisturizes your face, and helps to even out and mattify the complexion while giving a smooth velvety finish.  

Imperfections seem to disappear and your skin's texture looks refined.  

But that's not all! The BB Cream also offers SPF 20 UV protection.  

BB Cream is now also available in on-the-go version! Discover BB Crayon so you can touch-up whenever and wherever you want! 



How and when to use your BB Cream?

You can use your fingers to apply BB Cream all over your face. 

It might seem to be the easiest option since it simply melts with the heat of your skin, but it is up to your preference. Using a sponge or a makeup blender could help you obtain an even smoother result. 

In any case, spread your BB Cream toward your neck and hairline. Even though BB Cream may offer a much lighter coverage than a foundation, it is important to avoid any harsh lines. 

BB cream can be used on a daily basis and could become the best time-saver in your morning routine! Both care and makeup, it protects your skin, conceals blemishes and mattifies complexion, all in one touch! 

Can I combine CC Cream and BB Cream? 

BB Cream or CC Cream can be enough on their own but they can also be combined in order to make your complexion even better. If after applying your CC Cream you still feel like you need an even smoother matte finish, you can layer your BB Cream up.


CC Cream 

Our CC Cream is available in 3 shades: Clair, Golden/Doré and Caramel.  

The "Clair" shade is perfect for fair complexions with pink or beige undertones, while the "Golden/Doré" shade is ideal for enhancing lightly bronzed or tanned skin. A little tanner will perfectly match the Caramel shade.  

CC Red Correct is ideal for fair skin tones that are prone to redness. 

CC Dull Correct adapts to skin tone and helps instantly camouflage dull or tired complexions thanks to its color-correcting effect. 

BB Cream 

The iconic BB Cream is available in 3 shades: ClairDoré and Caramel.   

If you long for a porcelain complexion and have very fair skin, choose the Clair shade..  

Use the Doré shade if you want to enhance your lightly tanned or matte skin, for a healthy glow effect. 

If you have dark or deeper tanned skin, you'll love our new Caramel shade. 


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Our BB Cream is the ultimate skin-perfecting formula. It works to even out skin tone, conceal blemishes and provide a velvety matte finish. This beauty essential melts on the skin to give you that instant "your skin but better" look while moisturizing. Super lightweight so you can go about your day looking flawless without that cakey feeling. Enriched with White Ginseng Extract to soothe and smooth your skin overtime and SPF 20 to protect your skin!

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