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Yuza Radiance Duo

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Yuza Sorbet Day Cream: YUZA SORBET acts like a second skin, to help protect from environmental stressors. The lightweight moisturizer contains microbeads with anti-oxidant properties to help fight the first signs of aging associated with harsh environmental factors. Skin looks more radiant with an enhanced glow, while feeling stronger.

Yuza Sorbet Night Cream: Yuza Sorbet Night works all night long, to help hydrate and soothe the feelings of tightness associated with dry skin. The creamy texture is enriched with Yuzu extracts, known for their antioxidant properties, which help visibly fight the first visible signs of aging related to harsh environmental factors. In the morning, the skin is soft and comforted. It looks stronger and more radiant.
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Yuza Radiance Duo   Yuza Radiance Duo
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Morning to Night Radiance

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Yuza Radiance Duo
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